One-stop Machine Shop for Your CNC Machining Solutions

There’s real business value in keeping things simple.  Complicated arrangements in manufacturing introduce possible points of failure, delay, and hidden costs.  That’s perhaps the most compelling argument for working with a quality one-stop CNC machining solutions shop like Macfab.  If a problem arises, you know exactly whom to call.  If your production needs change, a call can address the changes.  Not only that but when you’re dealing with a one-stop shop, there’s no debate about whom is responsible for what.

Checking Our Work

Since 1987, Macfab has set out to be a one-stop CNC machining shop.  We have invested heavily in cutting-edge technologies all along.  We don’t just focus on machining, though.  We have a full complement of metrology equipment.  From all the standard micrometers, profilometers, and surface plates, on up to 5-axis coordinate measuring machines, we can measure every dimension and specification on your parts.  We’re fully AS9100 certified, of course.  We are happy to run any inspection requirements you have, right up to full inspections on each part.  Our long history of producing medical devices means we’re quite familiar with making sure every part meets every spec, and our documentation software creates reports to satisfy any regulatory requirements you may face.

Finishing What We Start

Providing one-stop CNC machining solutions means we also handle parts finishing.  Painting and powder coating are simple enough, of course, but we go well beyond that.  Our finishing department can provide mirror polishing and chemical polishing to improve microscopic surface defects where bacteria or other contaminants can hide.   Mirror finishing can also improve the wearability of parts by reducing friction.  It also makes parts look good if that’s a concern.

Simplifying Your Inventory

Once individual parts are manufactured and tested, we can assemble them for you, including brazing and welding of parts that have to be produced separately.  As a one-stop shop, Macfab has clean room facilities to handle your assembly needs, up to and including the micro-assembly of incredibly fine parts.  Simplify your inventory by letting Macfab turn individual parts into prefab assemblies for your own assembly lines.  You can save valuable line space and time.  We even have the facilities to package your parts or assemblies however you need them.  You can get your work from us protected from damage or contamination and arranged as you need them for your own assembly lines.

Superior Service at all Stages

We offer many other services to take care of our customers.  If your parts require truly flat surfaces, we have full lapping capabilities.  When a flat surface is required, there is no higher standard.  We offer plating to protect your parts from oxidation or provide a tougher surface.  Our Swiss turning machines can produce custom screws or other tiny components.  Our expertise in cleaning and packaging has saved more than one critical project from failure when other shops couldn’t solve their problems.

We have always worked to provide every service our customers need, no matter how precise the work may be.  In fact, the more precision it calls for, the more we enjoy the challenge.  After 35 years and literally centuries of CNC machining experience among our crew, we take great pride in being able to overcome every challenge that comes through the door.  That’s the kind of expertise that a one-stop CNC machine shop can bring to your next project.


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