A Canadian Leader in Space Machining

For decades Macfab has been leader in CNC machining for the space industry. Our clients continue to select us for our deep knowledge of regulatory requirements, thorough record-keeping and traceability of materials, and clean room ready parts, delivered directly to our customer’s assembly area. Our dedication as a total solution space components parts manufacturer includes a full range of services aimed at enabling our customers to maintain and grow their market share in the highly demanding space industry.

Macfab’s precision CNC machining services have been instrumental producing sun sensors, gyroscopes, and other essential satellite components used in today’s space initiatives. From earth observations satellites to attitude determination and control our high precision, tight tolerance work is found in many mission critical space components.

picture of a satellite in space

Mission Critical Precision CNC Machining

Macfab’s organic growth in the space machining industry is through customer recommendations to their peers and colleagues.  We understand that our space customers value reliable delivery and quality of the parts.   That arrive at their facility ready for assembly.  Macfab knows missing a launch date not only sets back the project but also incurs costly fees.

Fine Precision

Macfab produces conforming parts to our customer requirements.  A risk that some design engineers make is applying tight tolerances across all dimensions of a part.  The value of a collaborative partner comes from asking if the precision stated is necessary?  Applying tight tolerances inherently increases the part cost, and Macfab’s thorough understanding of manufacturing processes may reduce the need for overly tight tolerances.  While many machine shops can hold ± 0.1 millimeters reliably, an experienced and capable manufacturer like Macfab can be trusted to hold tolerances to ± 0.0025 millimeters because of our proprietary manufacturing knowledge.

Integrated On-site Services

Precision CNC machines and fixtures to hold precision dimensions and geometric tolerances.  Macfab provides multiple cleaning operations for parts up to medical grade cleanliness.  Macfab internally can anodize and chromate conversion coatings and has experienced in outsourcing gold plating of components.  All of these services completed on individual components can be integrated in our ISO 7 cleanroom to a sub-assembly or finish assembly ready for delivery to our customers.

Macfab’s experience covers the full spectrum of the space and satellite sector’s key areas of hardware development:

Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) Instruments: Macfab manufactures all types of mechanical components for ADCS applications, including rotors for reaction wheels, components for sun sensors, star trackers, and waveguides.

Sensors: Macfab manufactures components for camera applications involving infrared sensors and hyperspectral imaging using rotary sensors and positioners.

Structures: Macfab machines structures from magnesium and honeycomb panels.  Including fabrication of deployment & retrieval mechanisms for satellites.

Separation systems: Macfab produces components and sub-assemblies complex designs, shapes, and materials

Propulsion: Macfab machines component and subassemblies them to meet a range of today’s propulsion and system requirements.  We also have experience manufacturing torque rods.

Communication & Electronics: We produce a variety of housings and covers for mission-critical electronic components and subsystems

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Engineering Excellence

MacFab’s long history of cooperation with The University of Toronto (U of T).  Progressing into the 21st century, Macfab is now collaborating with U of T’s renowned Institute for Aeronautics and Space (UTIAS) as they develop micro and nanosatellites to further human knowledge and capabilities that space provides.

In the space & satellite sector, Macfab observes a trend of optical systems, gas analyzers, mass spectrometers, ion mobility detectors, becoming integrated onboard the latest satellites. Macfab has deep expertise in each of these technologies and industry sectors, working with the world’s leading instrument developers and manufacturers.

Macfab continues to invest in capabilities to better serve our space customers such as:

  • Multiple part cleaning methods
  • Microscopic assembly
  • Vacuum packaging
For our customers in the space industry, where every mission is critical and every detail counts, leveraging Macfab’s space industry experience can make all the difference.