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Macfab has been a leader in high precision, tight tolerance CNC machined parts for over 35 years. As a full end-to-end, precision and critical components CNC manufacturing solutions provider, we work with your team from prototype development through each stage in the process to deliver top-quality machined and assembled parts to your facility.

Our specialty is timely and cost-effective solutions for the high precision, tight tolerance, and specialized requirements of the medical, security, space, environment, and energy industries.

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Macfab is your one-stop precision CNC machine shop, offering cleanroom services, testing and assembly, inventory management for tighter cost control, raw materials tracing, and specialty finishing for our customers, partnering together in the increasingly competitive global environment.

There is no room for sub-standard quality or delays in the delivery of critical components. These setbacks hinder your growth, push back production timelines, and clash with corporate mandates. The resulting cost escalations and missed project milestones can erode your brand equity over time. The Macfab team has built its reputation over many years in delivering the highest quality CNC machining services to meet your critical timelines and high precision specs.

Our Capabilities


Precision Machining

Our specialty is high-precision, tight-tolerance precision machining. With 70+ well-trained machine operators, programmers, engineers, 53 CNC machines in-house, and over three decades serving global leaders in the medical, security, and defence industries, we have deep expertise in challenging manufacturing solutions.

Prototype Machining

Our engineers and prototype machining services can bring your next vision to life. At Macfab, we fabricate precision prototypes and do short-run parts, using the appropriate machine tools to fulfill drawing requirements.

Production Machining

Macfab’s highly advanced numeric control machine shop delivers multiaxis CNC milling, turning, and Swiss-style turning production machining services, from volumes in the hundreds to thousands. We are experienced in metal alloys, as well as in engineered and specialty plastics.

Specialty Services

Macfab is a full-service CNC machine shop. Gain an edge in your manufacturing by leveraging Macfab’s wide range of specialty capabilities, including cleanroom access, testing, assembly, specialty finishing, coating and plating, raw materials tracking, inventory management, and more.

Industries we serve

We offer specialized CNC prototyping, milling, and turning services for industries requiring high precision, tight tolerance, and complex geometry work.

Macfab possesses extensive experience in medical research applications for analytical devices and trace element analysis used in human sampling, bacteria, virus detection, and environmental studies and monitoring.

From our prototyping and satellite development work at the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) to our involvement in a range of mini and nanosatellite projects, attitude control units, sun sensor production, gyroscope rotors and balancing, our team excels in short and medium run production for Space and Aerospace applications.

Our engineers identify optimal design for manufacturability, including factoring in specialty finishes.




Security & Defence






Power Generation



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Precision Machining & Engineering Excellence

We are AS9100 + ISO9001 certified and backed by over 35 years of experience in manufacturing to the highest standards in precision CNC machining services. Our CNC machine shop handles highly complex and custom critical component manufacturing for product development, precision machining, finishing, assembling, cleaning, and more. As a leading supplier of conventional and CNC machine shop services, we can fulfill your manufacturing deliverables to give you an edge over your competitors.


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