On Demand High Precision Manufacturing

We thrive on manufacturing precision machined parts. Macfab offers volume manufacturing as well as creating prototype parts customized to your requirements. Our machining services meet the highest quality standards, and we ship CNC precision parts across the world.

From primary precision machining operations to secondary finishing and cleaning operations, we offer a wide range of machining services customized to your needs. Macfab Manufacturing is experienced in metal, metal alloys, as well as engineered and specialty plastics.

In today’s highly competitive global market, there is no room for sub-standard quality or delays in the delivery of essential components. They hinder your growth, push back production timelines, and clash with corporate mandates resulting in cost escalations and missed project milestones.

Partnering with Macfab Manufacturing assures you will meet critical timelines and get highest quality product. Speak to our team about your CNC machining parts requirements and begin to understand the exceptional Macfab difference.

Production Machining

Macfab’s highly advanced numeric control machine shop delivers multiaxis CNC Milling, Turning, Drilling Production Machining services.

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Prototype Machining

We, at Macfab, fabricate precision prototypes and parts by leveraging appropriate CNC machines using materials you want for final production.

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Specialty Cleaning, Assembly, Testing

Macfab is Your One-Stop Machine Shop. Gain an edge in your manufacturing by leveraging Macfab’s capabilities.

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Precision Machining

Macfab, with 70+ well-trained machine operators, plant managers, and machine specialists, offers high-precision CNC machining services.

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Industries We Serve

Macfab’s highly skilled team has proven capabilities in precision manufacturing with CNC prototyping as well as CNC Milling and Turning.

We offer specialized CNC machining services for a range of Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS) trace detection applications serving medical and medical research requirements for human sampling, bacteria, and virus detection, as well as for environmental studies and monitoring.

Our precision machining services handle sophisticated jobs of any size and complexity for the security and defense industries. We are equipped to deliver even the most complicated components requiring high tolerances for Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) trace detection and design prototyping.

A CNC Machine Shop in Mississauga

Backed by over 35 years of experience, the Macfab team ofers precision manufacturing expertise and is committed to the highest standards in precision CNC machining services.

Our CNC machine shop easily handles highly complex and custom component manufacturing for product development, precision machining, fnishing, assembling, cleaning, and more. Being a leading supplier of conventional and CNC machine shop services, we support your manufacturing deliverables and give you an edge over your competitors.

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We are an ISO 9001:2015 registered one-stop CNC shop ensuring on-time delivery, 99.98% quality precision products. Our comprehensive range of CNC machining services include an on-premise cleanroom facility, customer inventory management, assembly, specialty fnishing, along with inspection and testing.

Why Macfab

35 Years in the Industry

Quality Assurance

Fast Turnaround

Excellent Customer Service

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Join Others Who Trust Macfab

"I can sleep easy at night knowing I can depend on Macfab."
Senior Buyer, Multinational Health Technology Manufacturer
"You did an outstanding job with all the parts. Space grade – truly!"
CEO & Owner, Satellite Engineering Company, Denmark
"Our company defines Macfab as a highly valuable business partner for their continued contribution and support."
Buyer, Leading Life Science Company
"Macfab stepped up to the plate big time when we needed them with deliveries and quality, we appreciate it very much."
Multinational Health Technology Manufacturer
"OTD (On Time Delivery) is a very important metric within Smiths and Macfab are a key partner."
Commodity Manager, Multinational Detection and Screening Technologies Company
"Macfab is a trusted supplier of quality products. I really appreciate their team effort and support to our expedite requests."
Senior Procurement Manager, Leading Life Science Company
"I enjoy working with Team Macfab because as a customer, I have the confidence that everything will be done correctly and on time."
Senior Procurement Specialist, Prominent Medtech Company
"I appreciate the continued support and hard work that the team at Macfab shows us to produce the parts and meet our crazy demands."
Materials Planner & Buyer, Multinational Detection and Screening Technologies Company
"I am happy to say Macfab has presented themselves professionally and has provided a quality service, I look forward to working with you in future."
Supply Chain Quality Manager, Electron Multiplier Manufacturer in Australia
"All at our company were impressed with Macfab’s quality level for their first attempt on such a difficult product. Especially on the detailed inspection and dimensional report. Your quality of work is second to none and we appreciate it."
Strategic Sourcing Manager, Electron Multiplier Manufacturer in Australia

Our Approach

Our advanced manufacturing methodologies resolve complex design and production problems with a clear roadmap that focuses on you the client. We prioritize the client experience to attain the end goals. This approach has enabled us to earn and maintain the position of valued partner to our clients.

Whether you are looking for prototype design, custom CNC machining, or conventional mill machining, the Macfab facility delivers it to spec.