CNC Turning Services For Rapid Prototyping And Mass Production

We offer custom CNC turning services for design prototyping and large-scale complex manufacturing requirements.

Our extensive machine shop includes 2-axis, C-axis, Y-axis and Swiss-type (up to 9-axis) manual and CNC lathe machines. They can undertake projects of any size and complexity. Our CNC turning centers produce top-quality parts using 3D CAD files, DXF files, flat pattern drawings, and CAD-neutral files.

Our machinists set up programmable logic and NC codes for controls by keeping your end goals of precision in mind. Through our partnership, you get high-quality physical prototypes by transforming your design concepts using our advanced CNC lathe turning centers.

CNC Turning

What is CNC Turning?

Turning is a subtractive manufacturing process that produces cylindrical parts with symmetry around an axis passing through the center along the part length. Lathe machines, given their versatility and multi-axes degrees of freedom for spindle movement, can also produce asymmetrical parts with accessories.

During the turning operation, the workpiece is held using a 3-jaw or a 4-jaw chuck and rotated at speeds of 4000-8000 RPMs. The cutting tool is held steady and slowly brought in contact with the rotating workpiece. This removes small spiral chips from the job. The job is adjusted as needed to achieve the desired geometry.

CNC turning machine
Three metal products

Macfab’s CNC Turning Capabilities

At Macfab, we offer CNC turning services for various grades of aluminum, copper, steel, titanium, zinc, and other carbon fibres. We primarily engage with biomedical research industries, aerospace, research, defence, and environmental industries needing high-precision manufacturing. We offer tolerances up to 0.0001 inches or 1/4th of a human hair’s diameter.

Our turning centers can handle jobs of diameters between 1 inch and 18 inches and lengths between 9 inches and 48 inches. For mass production, we also undertake turning jobs with diameters as small as 0.47 inches, a length of 8 inches, and a tolerance range of 20 µm.

Our expert machinists are trained to accurately coordinate the spindles, turrets, and chuck involved with fixed workpieces to deliver the highest machining quality. Our large facility offers various CNC programmable lathes, Swiss-turn style lathes, 8-axis dual turret lathes with variable velocities, and precision gang tool lathes.


Benefits of CNC Turning Services

  • High-quality and precision machining: As CNC turning operations are performed using CAD/CAM APIs, they produce parts exactly as designed. Our manufacturing engineer works with your design engineer so that all manufacturing considerations follow any required DFM guidelines.
  • Part interchangeability & symmetry: CNC-turned parts are symmetric and produced as per ISO standards. If required, these parts may be interchanged or replaced.
  • Variety of operations: Metal fabrication projects can encounter changes once the shop floor operations have begun. With our range of tools, accessories, and services, unanticipated changes can be managed without compromising quality or deadlines.
  • Faster turnaround times: The setup and operation of our CNC turning center is more accurate and efficient than a manual lathe. The quicker turnaround translates into improved production timelines, reduced errors, less rework, and better cost control.
  • Operational safety: The CNC machine is operated through a computer setup located safely away from the tool. It reduces the chances of accidents, which is a significant drawback of manual lathes.

Having the right CNC machining partner for your metal fabrication projects is a critical first step in attaining the quality and cost control you need to stay competitive in your industry. Macfab, with 35+ years of experience, is an able partner for purchasing managers and design engineers who require exacting standards in quality and true value in the delivery of precision CNC turning services.