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Macfab cnc machining traceability

Macfab provides full traceability on the parts we produce from their birth to finished product and we do this on each production run. Our traceability system include preparedness audits, creating a mock recall simulation to ensure our customers risk and liability reporting requirements can be met. Our customers simply provide the parts package batch code, and we can quickly retrieve the details back to birth traceability.

Traceability in Manufacturing

A traceability System provides documenting and tracking of raw materials, parts, and finished goods throughout the production processes. The bactch number or serial number allows us to find historical information on a component or assembly we produced such as:

  • Bill of materials
  • Suppliers/vendors
  • Raw material certificates and test reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Manufacturing details
  • Shipment tracking

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There are Two perspectives when it comes to product traceability

Chain Traceability

This is forward and backward product traceability. This means that we can track products from raw materials to delivery to our customers.

Internal Traceability

This means product traceability from initial order to final production and everything between.

Traceability and root cause analysis

Traceability within our ERP software and manufacturing processes means Macfab can perform an in-depth analysis to identify the root cause of any problem using 3D, 8D, ishikawa (fish one), pareto, failure mode and affects analysis (FEMA). This enables Macfab to spot any underperforming steps, and make continuous improvements to product quality, lead time, tooling, equipment, and employee traning.

Process Flow Mapping

The process flow mapping tool within our management system to improve efficiency and eliminating waste in manufacturing. A value stream map can identify areas that can benefit from process redesign, such as:

  • Product design and features
  • Process design
  • Operational steps and sequencing
  • Tooling
  • Equipment
  • Quantities of raw material needed & optimal inventory levels
  • Delay
  • Material yield utilization
  • Human resource utilization

Macfab uses value stream mapping to deliver more manufacturing value for our customers.
We understand and work in highly regulated industries and regularly and apply that knowledge to assist our customers with a quicker time to market. Our customers can focus on the

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