Challenges welcomed. Problems solved. Relationships earned.

“I’ve always felt that if you’re not constantly learning and trying to better your operation, you’re going to fail. So it’s constant challenge: that’s what Macfab thrives on.” –Chris Macmorine, president

Why Macfab? Going forward, Macfab’s success will continue to build on three core values:

  • People first: Building and sustaining technical leadership by attracting and retaining the most talented people
  • Service excellence: The ability to adapt and respond quickly to customers’ most demanding needs and challenges
  • Strategic technology investments: Investing in technological innovations that accelerate operational performance and drive customer satisfaction

Macfab was launched in 1987 as a result of founder David Macmorine’s success in providing precision component prototyping for biomedical instruments. As its reputation spread, the company grew quickly, from local machine shop serving Toronto’s engineering community to full-fledged manufacturer, with a steadily expanding international customer base.

Today Macfab serves client organizations across North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and Asia. The firm’s focus remains on close tolerance precision components; its evolution strategy has been to complement its core business, and to offer new value-added services to its customers, through the introduction and integration of a complete suite of product development, finishing, cleaning and assembly solutions.


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