Why MacFab

Macfab is a leader in state of the art precision CNC machining for complex geometries with tight tolerance requirements. Experts in delivering full end-to-end precision CNC machining, ancillary services, engineering support and solutions to industries with specialized requirements such as medical, security, space, environment, and energy.

With over 50 CNC machines in our facility, and access to additional capacity and engineering expertise through of Ben Machine and the Exchange Income Corp group of companies, Macfab is well-positioned to take on your prototype to high volume precision CNC work.

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Engineering Excellence

Macfab understands the new product development to full scale production journey.  We provide engineering assistance in design and manufacturability in prototype development. We identify ways to reduce cost in manufacturing.  Macfab engineering support is by your side as your products go from prototype to validation, field testing to full scale production.

From prototype to full production, Macfab’s expertise in manufacturing engineering helps you to solve your most challenging manufacturing problems with one-stop shopping.

Specialty Services

Macfab has made significant investments in capabilities, secondary processes and ancillary services to our machining operations. We offer plating, specialty finishing, assembly, and cleanroom services to our customers.  The result is delivering value to our customers.

Our team can also mechanically assemble parts into subassemblies.  As assemblies are becoming smaller and more precise, we have invested in an  ISO 7 level cleanroom.  Within the cleanroom, we can clean, assemble and finish test assemblies.  We routinely package components for our customers to arrive in their cleanroom ready for the final assembly.  Our assembly operations are to simplify our customers purchasing activities and reduce supply chain risks.

Investments in Latest Technologies

Macfab combines the latest in CNC machining technology to deliver higher precision, tighter tolerances at reduced cost.


Investments include

  • 3, 4, 5 mills
  • Horizonal mill
  • Turn lathe and mill combination machines
  • Swiss style lathes
  • CMM measuring equipment
  • Comprehensive inspection software and reporting

Programs for CNCs and CMMs are written and tested offline, reducing setup times and costs.  Macfab’s automated First Article Inspection (FAI) reduces new product development times or resourcing initiatives.

Your Partner in Manufacturing Excellence

Macfab’s customers define Excellence as “On Time Delivery of a Quality Product”. The Macfab focus on consistent execution of processes is seen in our ISO9001:2015 registration and our aerospace AS9100 registration.  Our deep proprietary manufacturing knowledge combined with investments in technology and a unique suite of services enable our customers to realize life-cycle parts cost competitiveness.

Choose Macfab as your partner in growth.