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"Components are becoming more complex and detection limits are getting increasingly lower – parts per trillion, in many cases. In this scenario, it's a major advantage to our customers that we are able to provide cleaning and cleanroom assembly support along with the manufacturing." – Chris Macmorine, president

Before starting his own business, Macfab founder David Macmorine earned his stripes designing and building lab equipment at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine. Since then, Macfab has grown into a full-fledged manufacturer, supporting precision instrument developers worldwide with a complete, turnkey solution-driven suite of services:

For your R&D/development team: Challenges welcomed! We can help get you through your development cycles faster and more cost-effectively.

For your production team: We can deliver ready-to-go components and sub-assemblies – cleaned, assembled tested, packaged, and including inventory and record management, regulatory compliance support, and more.

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