Laser Engraving

Our laser etchers are an important and agile tool in executing our traceability process. We invested in laser engravers to provide a range of marking possibilities for our clients. Compared to other identification methods, laser etching is faster and does not distort the part. The laser method will not create burrs or sharp edges like stamping or scribbling does. While chemical etching of the parts can provide legible text without the burrs, it can be time-consuming and requires the use of chemicals.

Lasers offer flexibility in the identification of parts. The laser can be programmed to etch a QR code or standard barcode onto the part for integration into your company’s digital traceability program. If your company is focused on critical information, we can engrave serial numbers, part numbers, and date codes on the parts we produce.

If your company has an active aftermarket or service parts program, the laser etching enhances those programs. Macfab can etch your company’s logo or branding on your parts. This option, combined with the barcoding capability, helps improve supply chain integrity. Your customers can quickly identify your quality parts and avoid the risk of them using pirated or non-approved parts.

Our creative engineers look forward to exploring this technology’s capabilities and are proud to leave their mark on your part.