Surface Grinding
Imagine placing two iPad minis short edge to short edge. This is the envelope which your part can fit into our machines for grinding. Applications utilizing surface grinding – testing platforms, qualify surface for precision machining, or plates mounting in an assembly requiring tight tolerances dimensions or geometrically for flatness and parallelism.

Inner Diameter Honing
Our machine can hone a hole the diameter of the lead in a pencil up to the inside of a coffee can and just over a foot long. Honing is a slow grinding process thereby not inducing significant heat to the workpiece helping to maintain geometric shape and dimensions.

Materials Commonly Honed
• Alloy Steel such as 4140
• Heat Treated steels
• Stainless Steel such as PH 17-4
• Heat Treated Stainless Steel

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While other manufacturers may outsource grinding to a third party, our vertical integration allows us to delivery you improved cost, quality, and lead times on parts requiring a grinding operation to complete.

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