Delivering High-Precision Machining Services and Prototyping Solutions

The key to precision machining is more than excellent programming skills and theoretical know-how of machine operations. It requires skilled machine operators with a deep understanding of machine behaviour to deliver the intended design.

Macfab, with 70+ well-trained machine operators, plant managers, and machine specialists, offers high-precision CNC machining services. As a leading precision machining company based in Mississauga, we fabricate an array of metals, alloys, and plastics.

Our machine shop facility is spread across 42,000 square feet and is equipped with modern computerized control machines. We offer precision machining solutions for mass spectrometer manufacturers, mass cytometry, medical diagnostic devices, satellite control devices, and more.

We transform raw materials into tangible goods and convert design ideas into final precision products with subtractive manufacturing techniques. We machine different workpieces to generate product designs using our multi-axis milling and turning machines with computerized control. Our lathe machines with slant beds handle complex shapes and geometries with precision up to 0.0001.


Why Should You Opt For Precision Manufacturing Solutions

The biomedical research industry, space and aerospace sector, power generation, and medical diagnostics equipment manufacturing sectors are quickly evolving. To meet customer expectations and quality standards, precision machined parts are in high demand.

Advantages of Precision CNC Machining

Lower Error Rate


Robust programming skills of machine operators reduce the chances of dimensional errors and ensure part precision.

Reduced Waste Material


Computerized machining means machining parts directly from the models through DXF files. These design models are released for the shop floor only after thorough quality control. It results in minimum ECOs and fewer rejections.

Fewer Part Rejections


Precision machines offer consistent output without any deviation after setting the program once. This ensures the same quality for the entire batch of production. A good programmer helps you eliminate sub-standard manufacturing quality.

Accelerated Manufacturing Lead Times


Regardless of the complexity of part manufacturing, CNC machine programs can replicate the operations. You only have to set up the program once, and it can run the operation multiple times.

Higher Scalability


A CNC precision machine has a very high rate of producing parts per minute compared to manual machines. A few thousand parts can be made at once without any obstructions.

Simplified Prototype Testing


Precision machines allow you to create functional parts and test them before finalizing the entire production lot.

Applications Of CNC Machining Services


From small-particle biomedical research engineering to large-scale space engineering, CNC machining serves many industries at the forefront of technology. The CNC machine’s CAD/CAM applications are versatile and offer cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Healthcare Research Equipment


Medical research equipment relies on accurate instrument part performance. As a result, there is ongoing demand for a high precision in Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances [GD&Ts]. Our CNC machines can deliver the tight tolerances required.

Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace engineering relies on precision in its manufacturing processes. Minor errors can be costly. Landing gears, satellite communication parts, engine mountings, and accessories are examples of our many manufactured products using CNC precision machines.

Security And Defence Industry


The global defence sector relies on our CNC machining solutions. The functional testing of prototypes that we carry out for our clients ensures the parts can withstand heavy wear and tear over their lifetimes.

Why Should You Collaborate With Macfab For Precision Manufacturing

Machine shops worldwide often specialize. They either deliver high volumes or are small shops producing small batches of parts and specialty work. With Macfab, you get the best of both – mass customization and mass production manufacturing practices.

  • Part delivery records with tolerances up to 0.0025mm
  • Milling and turning micromachining up to 30 lbs/15 Kg
  • ISO Certified trusted partner for customized solutions
  • 35+ years of expertise in delivering quality
  • High-level IT security with robust risk management solutions

Our shop warehouses CNC machines including:

  • 22 multi-axis horizontal and vertical milling machines
  • Robust technology for macro and micromachining
  • Cleanroom manufacturing technology
  • 7-axis swiss lathes to accurately produce small parts
  • 8-axis lathes with dual turret variable velocity
  • 16 2-axis lathe machines for multiple operations
  • CNC programming capabilities for highly customized and complex parts
  • Manual turning and milling machines

From pre-machining to finish machining operations, we offer:

  • Milling and thread milling
  • Drilling, boring, and turning
  • Threading, tapping, and grinding
  • Broaching
  • Counterboring/countersinking
  • Profiling and reaming
  • Splining
  • Facing
  • Spiralock threads
  • Lapping, facing, and honing
Our machining experts can help you lay the groundwork for your next high-precision manufacturing project. Get in touch with us today for a seamless design-to-manufacturing transition!