Vendor Managed Inventory


At Macfab, we take pride in being a solution-focused partner. In addition to addressing technical and engineering manufacturing problems, our vendor-managed inventory services help our customers maintain a steady supply of components to meet their demand requirements.

Latest Technologies in Purchasing Automation

As part of our investment in being a total solutions manufacturing partner, we use the latest in Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) technology to efficiently manage internal material and information flows.

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Jit Inventory Management

Just-in-time (JIT) inventory management is a supply chain practice offered by Macfab. This lean manufacturing concept allows us to deliver parts on time and ready for use in your production when needed, eliminating the need to keep large amounts of inventory on hand.

With parts that require assembly in a cleanroom, it is important to consider how they will be delivered to a client’s facilities without contamination. Macfab can triple-package parts for delivery to ensure the highest cleanliness and shelf life. This way, they stay clean at each stage of inventory, from receiving to final assembly.

Kanban Inventory Management

We offer Kanban programs so our customer’s components are ready and available for use in production. In lean terminology, a Kanban is a signal to replenish, such as when a box of finished goods is shipped. A visual signal is generated, and the zero condition on hand would trigger Material Resource Planning (MRP) to make a new production order for the product.

As your total solutions partner, Macfab has also developed a proprietary artificial intelligence that allows our programs to learn. This creates a dynamic inventory model that makes self-adjustments. Our ERP automatically makes changes to our Kanban system to modulate parts demand, triggering replenishment.

Macfab can control the safety stock in the Kanban system so as never to have a stock-out situation. Most importantly, our ERP ships first in, first out to ensure inventory is constantly turning.

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Our system initiates valuable inventory management dialogues with our customers. We proactively have conversations with our customers when changes in their consumption are detected. This advanced sourcing of material and lower part costs by larger production batches is beneficial for our clients. If demand wanes for a part and inventory is reduced accordingly, this adjustment decreases the risk of obsolescence.

The result? Our Kanban customers enjoy a 100% on-time delivery of their parts. Purchasing and supply chain managers have a lower risk of shortages, shared cost savings, and a proactive supplier supporting their business.

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