Honing, Lapping, Swaging

We offer the highest quality and closest tolerance precision finishes for various materials and industrial applications.

Superfinishing or finishing is a form of micromachining used to create highly refined finishes on metal workpieces. It is an advanced metalworking process that is typically done after other finishing procedures have been performed.

The finishing process exposes the workpiece to an abrasive surface, removing the top layer.


Our honing services use a honing stone to scrub or grind a metal workpiece in a controlled path. This results in a precise finish and shape on the inside diameter of a tube, bore, or hole.


Our lapping services are used to provide exceptional finishes on an outside surface. It uses a loose abrasive powder or slurry at slow speeds as the abrasive agent. We offer both machine-based and manual (hand) lapping services.


Our swaging services use a compressive force where a metal is deformed to fit another part by cold forming.

Our unparalleled experience of over 35 years across industries, including medical, defence, aerospace, and energy, speaks volumes about the quality of our work. We are the all-in-one shop for all your finishing requirements.

We aim to deliver high-quality work on time, every time. Keep reading below to learn more about the finishing services available at Macfab.

Types of Configurations at Macfab

Bore Honing

Bore honing uses two honing stones that move simultaneously, so imperfections from the honing stone do not transfer to the bore. This results in a very smooth finished surface.

Flat Lapping

This process can be used on parts that need tight thickness control and parallelism. It can create geometrically correct flat parts with high tolerances. It can even be used to correct surface imperfections or remove subsurface damage.

Types of Swaging available at Macfab


End-forming swaging uses less power as it operates solely on a cold process. This makes it excellent for mass production of swaged parts or components since it consumes less energy.


Our assembling process uses jigs and automated equipment with a robust fixing force to allow for shorter processing times.

Types of Swagers at Macfab

Rotary Swager

Our high-performance rotary swaging machine is excellent for hollow and solid parts with an elongated axis. It increases the strength of the components while also reducing the production costs.

Stationary Die Swager

Our versatile stationary die swager machines can perform hot and cold swaging operations while ensuring the highest tolerances and exceptional quality. It can produce complete parts from squares, rectangles, or entry rounds.

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