CNC Security Solutions for Security & Defence

Macfab has been a leader in precision CNC machining critical components for the security and defence industry for decades. Our clients choose us for our deep knowledge of regulatory requirements, thorough record-keeping, traceability of materials, and cleanroom-ready parts delivered directly to our customer’s assembly area.

While you won’t find the Macfab name on the side of the screening and threat detection units at airports, border crossings, or in the hands of defensive forces, our clients are global leaders in detection and screening technology. Our components and assemblies are sold in over 200 countries, and our clients continue to select Macfab for our extensive knowledge and experience in threat and trace detection.

As a total solutions provider, we work to the highest standards and stringent security and defence industry requirements. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities, range of ancillary services, comprehensive inspection and reporting systems, and product traceability deliver quality and reliability of completed parts and assemblies to our clients.

Our customers have grown their market share in the security and defence industry, due to our contribution to the research, development, and manufacture of trace detection components.

Proven Expertise in Security Solutions

Airport Security Solutions

Today, international travel involves airport security to protect travellers and their belongings. Travellers and cargo pass through security devices that quickly test for multiple types of narcotics or trace amounts of explosives.

With heightened international security concerns, these devices are now found in sports venues, with portable units used for large gatherings of people at events. Macfab produces the high-precision components and assemblies required to build these trace detection systems.

Border and Internal Security Solutions

Macfab is a globally recognized manufacturer of high-precision components and assemblies for trace detection. Our solutions detect the presence of explosives and narcotics in organic and inorganic compounds in the air and on materials passing through security systems. Such trace residue testing devices are used by military forces, border security, internal security forces, and police teams to keep our communities safe.

As global demand increases for smaller portable handheld detection technology, Macfab continues to lead the way with our decades of experience and investment in R&D.

Engineering Excellence in Optical and Trace Detection

Our manufacturing engineers use their wealth of expertise in developing innovative solutions to assist in solving security and defence challenges, specifically in manufacturing optical and trace detection devices.

We also bring our accumulated proprietary knowledge through decades of manufacturing process R&D, materials, tooling, fixturing, machining, programming, and sequencing to create well-planned manufacturing process operations.

We partner with our customers, from part design to part production. Our engineers are actively engaged from prototype development to final production for the lowest total ownership cost and the best quality part.

Full Suite of Services for Security and Defence Requirements

We are a full end-to-end solutions provider to the security and defence industry. In addition to our very high precision, tight tolerance CNC machining work, the Macfab team offers a range of other services.

Additional Services


Our parts finishing, optical assembly, and cleaning services can accelerate product development and ensure the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective parts to our customers’ facilities.



Macfab offers multiple deburring methods to ensure metal-to-metal sealing. This reduces contamination issues from polymer seals and improves test reliability.

Cleanroom services


Inside our ISO 7 cleanroom, our expert engineers have access to an array of cleaning methods to meet your requirements, including final testing options. Our cleanroom includes precision assembly operations.

Specialty Packaging


With our cleanroom packaging solutions, your parts will stay contaminate-free.

Your Partner in CNC Security Solutions

Macfab has played a role in the continued vigilance against terrorism and narcotics trafficking with proprietary knowledge and proven expertise. Our engineering excellence, along with investments in research and development, the latest technology, and our proven expertise in high-precision CNC machining have made us a valued partner to the security and defence industry and the preferred choice of global leaders.

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