CNC Rapid Prototyping Services

We, at Macfab, fabricate precision prototypes and parts by leveraging appropriate CNC machines using materials you want for final production.

Using tools such as CNC lathes, mills, and drills, our expert machinists deliver precision prototyping and mass manufacturing services. It begins with your 3D CAD model as input and forming NC codes for our CNC machines.

Based on your specifications, tolerances, and limits we add machining process allowances to your design geometry and create top-quality parts. You get faster TATs, accurate machining services, desired surface finish, and customized manufacturing with Macfab.

CNC Machining Prototype – Milling Services

Partner with us to manufacture seamlessly with CNC mills having spindle speed: Up to 15000 RPM

Backed by several multi-axis CNC milling machines, we are fully equipped to undertake projects needing high-speed delivery and accuracy. We focus on collaborating with you for milling operations for mass production as well as few prototypes. We provide prototypes with production precision and quality.

CNC Machining Prototype: Turning Services

Our high-precision CNC lathes turning centers can handle parts with turning diameters between 1 inch and 18 inches.

We engage with various industries needing precision parts to fabricate components as per provided 3D CAD model or drawings. Our lathe machines are a perfect fit for high volume low product mix as well as one-off components.

Macfab’s Capabilities For Precision CNC Prototyping Services

CNC Milling For Prototyping
  • 3 axis CNC Mill:
  • X axis travel: 31’’ to 40’’
  • Y axis travel: 17’’ to 20’’
  • Z axis travel: 21’’ to 20’’
  • Spindle Speed: Up to 15000 RPM
CNC Turning For Prototyping
  • CNC conversational/Manual tool room Lathe:
  • Maximum turning diameter: 16’’
  • Maximum turning length: 48’’
  • Conversational programming Lathe:
  • Maximum turning diameter: 18’’
  • Maximum turning length: 36’’

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Our deep domain expertise and problem-solving approach has established us a leading CNC Prototyping service provider to an international client base. Discuss your projects with us for unparalleled and qualitative solutions.

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