A Canadian Leader in Aerospace Machining

For decades, Macfab and Ben Machine Products have been leaders in CNC machining, sub-assembly, and specialty services for the Aerospace Industry. Our customers continue to select Macfab for our extensive knowledge and experience.

Working to AS9100 standard, dependability of completed parts and assemblies meeting the most stringent requirements, ancillary services, extensive manufacturing capabilities, comprehensive inspection and reporting system, and product traceability make Macfab your total solution supplier. Our dedication and experience in manufacturing aerospace components include a full range of services enabling our customers to grow their market share in the highly demanding aerospace industry.

Macfab has been working with global aerospace suppliers for more than two decades. We are recognized for our ability to consistently deliver quality. We produce high-precision components and sub-assemblies across various applications, from electromagnetic flight control and guidance systems to shafts, gearboxes, housings, and RVDT units.

Operational Excellence

We are an AS9100 and  ISO9001 certified supplier. We comfortably exceed the stringent standards and requirements of our most demanding customers, including Defense Acquisition Regulations Systems (DFARS) and AS9102 First Article Inspection reports. Since 2022, Macfab has been certified to AS9100.

We provide full back-to-birth traceability of parts on each production run, with comprehensive inspection and reporting, and certificates of regulatory compliance.


Rotor Balancing Services

Macfab provides unmatched rotor balancing services, ensuring reliability and efficiency in your equipment’s performance without an additional supplier. We use modern, state-of-the-art electronic balancing equipment meeting ISO 21940 industry requirements. We have experience balancing rotors, shafts, turbine components, and other rotating parts. With a team of highly skilled technicians, we handle rotor balancing projects for all multi-stage rotors and power transmission components. The breadth of our balancing services includes analyzing and eliminating vibrations for all parts under static and/or dynamic unbalancing.
Macfab’s engineering team is ready to solve your aerospace manufacturing challenges.