Quality Assurance at Macfab

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In today’s market, suppliers are expected to execute the on-time delivery of quality products. As a component manufacturing leader, Macfab’s investment in process standards and equipment has resulted in a world-class quality management system. Every piece must be completed accurately and correctly, from the first to the 10,000th. This is accomplished by executing our processes consistently and exploring new capabilities to simplify the work and reduce potential failure modes.

Certifications and Standards

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier. Our comprehensive quality management processes and system follow the stringent standards and requirements of ASO9100 and ISO13485. Macfab has been AS9100 certified since 2022.

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ISO 9001 Quality
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Inspection and Testing

Macfab has invested in the technology, personnel and training to perform complete measurement and inspection reporting. CMM, optical vision measuring equipment, and computer software all play a significant part in the process, and the results are well ahead of traditional inspection and reporting systems.

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and the optical vision systems measure the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the object’s surface with a probe. Macfab’s CMM and vision systems are computer-controlled and use mechanical and optical articulating probes for accuracy and to reach hard-to-measure features. CMMs typically specify a probe’s position in terms of its displacement from a reference position in a three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system (i.e., with XYZ axes). In addition, our computerized CMMs can measure complex shapes such as curves, profiles, bends, angles, radius, depth, and parabolic features to produce a clear and concise electronic or printed measurement report.

First article inspections and setting up inspection reports are critical and typically require significant time and steep costs. Macfab has invested in the technologies needed to handle these tasks more economically. Our automated software balloon drawings create a complete inspection template to collect and complete the first article inspection, in-process, and final inspection reports in print and electronic form. Interfaced measuring devices, including calipers, micrometers, and height gauges will automatically log the values into the software. The result is a clear, concise, and organized computer-generated inspection report reporting the results of every feature measured.

For the validation of assemblies, Macfab can perform on-site leak testing and off-gas testing. With our range of leak testing equipment, Macfab can economically inspect parts, test, and identify the source. Similarly, Macfab has the equipment and personnel to perform off-gas testing to validate that parts and assemblies are not emitting gases from the base materials, contaminants, adhesives or seals.

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Macfab is dedicated to excellence in product quality. In addition to our investment in people, training and modern equipment, Macfab invests in proven continuous improvement activities and failure analysis prevention. 3D, 8D, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Ishikawa, Pareto, and statistical analysis tools are the bedrock of quality assurance.

Macfab looks forward to working with you on our next project. Although we can describe our approach to quality, it is best to experience it firsthand. Our customers provide the essential input needed for our quality systems.

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