Clean Room Assembly

Macfab’s provides integrated assembly, kitting and packaging solutions – all done on-site.  Our cleanroom is designed to exceed ISO standard 14644-1 class 7 standards for cleaning, assembly, and testing your subassembly before arrival at your facility.

Macfab’s strategic investment in this expansion is to deliver a complete solution to our customers including cleanroom assembly of components.  Our customers have lower costs, less supply chain risk, and improved component and subassemblies integration into their operations.


What’s inside our cleanroom

A cleanroom is a generic term.  What separates Macfab from other manufactures is their strategic choice of equipment to carefully install within its walls.  The first is multiple part cleaning processes providing an array of processes allowing our engineers to select the optimal solution.  Assembly equipment where our operators can assemble parts via hand, under a magnifying glass, and even under microscopes.  Macfab has invested in different testing equipment to validate the assemblies before shipment.  As the parts are ready to ship to our customers, we have vacuum packaging equipment sealing in the cleanliness of the part for transit.

The sum of the parts generates value for you

Inside our cleanroom Macfab has invested in industry-leading equipment.  The vision is to save you time, streamline your internal assembly needs, reduce total part or sub-assembly stock-keeping units (SKUs).  All these efforts provide not only a direct cost reduction on your part price; furthermore, a thorough review of costs of these operations separately will show greater savings to you by leveraging Macfab’s turnkey solutions.  It’s all part of a single solution that’s custom-developed in collaboration with your team.  We support your product specifications and production requirements.


Supply chain risk

Multiplied operations at different suppliers inherently challenge mitigating the risks associated with scheduling disruptions or in-transit damage to your components.  If you were managing and storing a single sub-assembly instead of, say, 30 or 40 components, how much simpler would your workflows be? Therein lies the value and convenience of leveraging Macfab’s fully equipped facilities and experienced staff.  Imagine having a 40 component sub-assembly arrive complete after utilizing any or all of these capabilities:

  • Cleanroom assembly
  • Microscopic assembly
  • Assembly testing, including operational/functional and helium leak testing
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Kitting
  • Inventory management

Macfab is not only a manufacturing and assembly supplier.  We offer vendor-managed inventory services to further reduce supply chain risks for our customers while reducing their supply-chain risks.