A Leader in CNC Machining for the Energy Industries

Macfab is a recognized leader in CNC machining for the energy industry. We are a high precision CNC total solution manufacturer which offers a full range of services to enable our customers to maintain their leadership position and grow their market share in the highly demanding energy industry.

Macfab is a trusted partner to customers worldwide in CNC energy process control component production. Our precision machining and engineering services have been integral to the development of new, innovative solutions for energy process controls.

Energy Industries

Oil and Gas Process Components

Macfab is expert in the tight tolerance requirements for flow control valves, flanges, and pump housings essential in oil and gas operations.  Our high precision CNC machining work produces parts that last longer, that eliminate leaking and loss of pressure, and that optimize equipment performance.  Macfab’s cleanroom assembly and advanced testing after assembly allows for accelerated new product development cycles.  We can test assemblies with off gas testing or multiple leak test methods.

Solar Panel Production Equipment

Macfab’s components and sub-assemblies are found inside equipment used in solar panel manufacturing – cleaning, laminating, and inspection/testing machines.  From prototype development through to large scale production,  we can supply various parts for alternative fuel delivery components, fittings, adaptors, housings, and vacuum components.

Electronic Connectors

We provide a variety of CNC machined parts made to specific customer requirements for contact assemblies, hermetically sealed products, terminal headers, telecommunication connectors, and adaptors.

Engineering Excellence for the Energy Industries

Macfab’s superior manufacturing engineering team solve parts machining challenges including working with plastics.  Take for example a part made from PEEK (polyether ether ketone). This industrial plastic offers excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties and can be suitable for sophisticated production requirements.

Macfab has deep experience with PEEK and other advanced polymers.  Macfab’s thermal treatment procedures for stabilizing materials, including PEEK, are a major factor in delivering parts with no porosity in the surface finish.  Macfab can produce and assemble metal and plastic parts.  Then clean, inspect, and deliver ready to be dropped into the assembly and work right away. This accelerates the research and development cycle on new products and translates to reliable production.

Our customers think of Macfab as an intelligent enhancement to their design team as our innovative engineers assist in solving problems. We commonly work in tandem with design engineers, and collaborate scientists and researchers in early design stages.

Developing prototypes to test their hypothesis, and Macfab understands changes and adjustments are necessary when doing something new and bold in both existing and emerging energy industries.

We look forward in working with you on your next energy project.