Specialty Cleaning

Macfab offers specialty cleaning in an ISO compliant cleanroom meeting level 7 requirements. Our customers achieve financial savings when components shipped to them require no additional cleaning or finishing on their part. Our internal capability provides you end-to-end solutions for your precision components and sub-assemblies, reducing supply chain risks and transportation costs in addition to directly reducing the paid cost for the part – ultimately lowering your total cost of ownership.

The growing trend of customers having their non-core services outsourced to trusted partners, Macfab responded by significantly investing in specialized finishing and cleaning capabilities that are a direct, logical and cost-effective extension of our machining and manufacturing operations.

The following table is a quick overview of cleaning methods and their benefits.

Cleaning MethodApplicationBenefits
Aqueous (Water) cleaning solutionsPart cleaning and removal of films



Non-aqueous (Non-water) cleaning solutionsBreaks down the bonds of oils, greases, and cutting fluids on the parts

More thorough cleaning reduces the risk of oxidation

Magnetic deburringRemoves light burrs from non-ferrous small parts and improves surface finish


No coating or fluids

Vapor DegreasingDissolve contaminates and collects in a tank below, preparation of parts for painting or coatings


Wide range of parts

Micro Electro-polishingRemoval of microscopic burrs improves surface finish and connection between parts

Extreme precision and control of the process

Citric Acid passivation to ASATM-A967-13Used on stainless steel to prevent corrosion

Removes free iron ions and forms a protective barrier over the part.


CNC Milling for Custom & Mass Manufacturing Solutions

Macfab follows the ISO Standard 16232 Cleanliness of components and systems and confidently achieves a contamination level below 6 done by utilizing these tight controls:

  • Water purification using R.O., ultra-filtration, de-ionization, UV sterilization
  • High-purity aqueous & non-aqueous cleaning solutions (HPLC grade)
  • All waste solvents purified and recycled

Internally cleaning parts strategically aligns with Macfab’s on site coating processes.  The immediate cost elimination of transportation is not the only or most impactful on cost of ownership.  Reducing the time between cleaning and coat reduces the chance of corrosion or handling damage to occur.  By running exceptionally clean parts through our own coating process, Macfab’s processes are more reliable and have greater capacity for production.

Macfab’s engineering team looks forward to reviewing your part’s cleanliness requirements and suggesting the optimal process to achieve a clean cost effective part.