Our Latest Multi-Million Dollar Investment in CNC Machines

You don’t stay on top of your game by sitting still.  For CNC machine shops, that means keeping up with the latest technology and maintaining the latest abilities for your clients.  Macfab has just completed a multi-million dollar round of investments in CNC machines to make sure we can continue to provide the most advanced products for our customers.  Here are some of the highlights of the new machines you now have at your disposal.

  • The Cincom Citizen Swiss turning machine brings twice the speed and double the accuracy of previous generations. It’s more energy efficient and able to run unattended (lights-out), which greatly speeds production times.
  • Several Hyundai WIA turning centers allow us to produce parts completely in one operation thanks to their mill turret and sub-spindle. They have the most up-to-date controllers and are the most efficient in class for simultaneous milling and turning on one machine.  Their design makes them notably more accurate than other models.
  • The HAAS UMC 500 can run as a 3+2 or a simultaneous 5-axis CNC mill. It brings a larger capacity, and the direct drive system improves accuracy and reduces wear.   The 30+1 tool holder is larger than most, and faster at loading tools.
  • Several new HAAS VF-4 SS is our newest production workhorses. These vertical machining centers run at higher speeds with improved accuracy over previous generations.  They’re more energy efficient, with larger tables and ultra-fast side-mount 30+1 tool holders.  They can handle multiple-part loading and feature next-generation controllers, image screens, and remote monitoring.
  • The Hoffman-American dynamic balancing machine provides a complete turnkey balancing solution for satellite rotors used for attitude control and navigation. Their permanent calibration eliminates calibration runs and speeds up production.
  • The Kitamura horizontal mill provides an extra-large work envelope with outstanding accuracy. It’s 30% faster than vertical mills.  Chips and debris fall away rather than having to be cleared manually.  We can load 4 parts at once and can change parts while the machine is working on another part.  That eliminates downtime for machine loading and unloading.
  • We’ve also invested in a new coolant recovery and recycling unit. This reduces the coolant that has to be disposed of.  Instead, we can clean it and return it to balanced specifications and reuse it.  This provides significant cost reduction and lowers environmental impact.

Probably the best thing about these specs is you don’t have to know them -because we do.  We didn’t just bring in these machines; we brought in their abilities.  These new machines allow our machine shop to cut production costs and speed production times, especially for mid-volume production runs.  We now have new capabilities in the level of detail we can provide, the tolerances we can meet, and the variety of complex CNC machine designs we can produce.  Macfab has a long history of bringing in the latest and greatest CNC machines, and you can bet this won’t be the last time.  There are always new needs and new capabilities, and Macfab is committed to keeping up with them.


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