CNC Machining for the Largest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer in the World

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  It’s an old Chinese proverb, and it describes the fortunes of one of Macfab’s clients perfectly.

The First Step – to the Garage

Years ago, a young Canadian engineer started a company in his garage.  He developed a machine which could do a simple thing.  At least, you would think it was simple.  Button batteries (like you find in your watch) require a tiny amount of electrolyte fluid to operate.  This young man figured out a way to deposit that electrolyte in batteries more accurately and consistently than anyone.  His improvement was both tiny and huge.  The difference in accuracy it made was probably measured in nanolitres, yet the accuracy and consistency allowed his customer to dramatically improve their battery performance and reliability.  They kept his prototype and told him to go make more.

The Next Steps

The young man got busy.  He had a product in demand.  His innovation began to yield big changes in a growing industry, and his business grew steadily.  Busy as he was, though, he wasn’t done innovating.  He continued to develop products for the battery industry as it continued to evolve.  Over time his company expanded, opening plants in South Korea, Europe, Malaysia, and China.

As his company grew and his developments became more complex, the company came to rely more and more on outside suppliers for various components.  They expanded again, with a new facility in Japan. As the complexity increased, so did the problems.  They began to experience delivery delays from their vendors.  Then there were quality control problems.  It’s not possible to run a company known for its precision if you can’t get precisely manufactured parts.

Turning A Corner

It was about this time that the company met Macfab.  The company explained their problem; Macfab explained their CNC machining capabilities.  It seemed like a perfect match, so the company gave Macfab one small order.  Macfab delivered the parts on time and to spec.  The company gave Macfab another order that went off without a hitch.  Then orders on a couple of other parts.  All came in on time and meeting specifications.

Time to Run

That was about the time the company caught the attention of the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer (who has a slight interest in battery manufacturing).  They bought the company.  Macfab has become their supplier of choice, continuing to provide highly complex components, both at home in Canada, as well as in Japan.

The parts the company now requires are of such high tolerance that other shops won’t touch them.  There simply aren’t many shops that can tackle this level of complexity with the high tolerances needed at the production level required.  Macfab’s investment in a battery (pun intended) of Swiss Turning Machines and the highly skilled operators that run them gives Macfab CNC machining abilities you won’t find elsewhere.  What is impossible for most shops is accomplished in a single machining operation, followed by extensive quality control to ensure all of those specs are met.

Macfab loves growing with our customers.  If you think our unique CNC machining abilities and skillsets can help your company take that first step on your thousand mile journey, or boost your progress down the road, give us a call; we’ll be more than happy to help.