Inspection And Reporting System In CNC Machining

Quality control is absolutely essential in the manufacturing of complex and precision parts, often a significant expense in the manufacturing process. CNC machine quality control is daunting, no matter how much you know.  While you can’t just assume a shop’s CNC machining processes are everything you need them to be, there are ways you can […] Welcome to the Future of Space

We see our possible futures through the eyes of science fiction writers. Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea stretched the limits of imagination.  Now it passes without notice on nuclear subs.  Anyone with the money can fly around the world in two or three days, never mind the 80-day challenge that astounded Victorian readers.  […] Factors Affecting the Cost of CNC Machined Parts

When you’ve got a new part to be manufactured, it doesn’t take long for the price tag to come up.  CNC machining costs can be daunting.  Fortunately, CNC machining costs are not cast in stone.  You do have some ability to keep your costs down.  It all hinges on attention to detail and working with […] Micro Machining For Customized Medical Devices

The individual components in computer chips shrink in size year after year.  You could fit 200,000 modern transistors in the length of the first transistor from 1947.  Mechanical parts continue to shrink right along with their electronic counterparts. Gears, switches, pumps, and countless other devices are routinely produced today on scales almost too small to […] Best CNC Machining Service For Metal Fabrication

Generally speaking, the decision of what CNC machining services best suit your project is not a decision you have to make.  Technically that is determined by the project itself.  The physical dimensions, tolerances, kerf widths, features, and details tend to dictate what CNC machining services are required to produce it. Of course, nothing’s that cut […] CNC Machine vs 3D Printing: The Best Option For Medical Machine Parts

Medical CNC machining has been the defacto standard for producing medical devices and machine parts for decades.  In recent years, though, 3D printing has entered the field.  Sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure out which technology is better suited to a particular situation. Nothing in Common It would help if the two technologies […] CNC Turning or CNC Milling: The Difference And When To Use

In most cases, the choice between using CNC turning or CNC milling to produce a part is obvious.  There are times, however, when the decision is less cut and dried. CNC milling holds the raw material still while tools move around it, removing what doesn’t belong in the final part.  CNC milling is the obvious […] CNC Machining Challenges for the Medical Industry

No field presents more challenges to manufacturers than the medical industry.  The extreme tolerances are always there, but the rapid rate of change constantly creates new demands, and once in a while, curveballs can come hard and fast. The Leading Edge MacFab’s Swiss turning machines, precision milling and lathe work keep us on the leading […] Importance of Clean Room Services for the Medical Industries

Clean rooms are nothing new, but their use in assembly is growing dramatically now.  This is especially true in the medical industry.  More than ever, medicine today relies on devices -both implanted and external- which are amazingly sensitive and complex.  Clean room assembly is required for many of these.  Even more or less standard devices […] Benefits of Swiss Turn Machining

More than ever before, today’s technology is concerned with precision.  Part tolerances and fittings are now routinely measured on the nanometer scale.  It’s no surprise that incredibly precise machining is becoming more vital every day.  That’s where Swiss turn machines come in.  When complex parts have to meet exacting standards, there’s simply no better technology available. Originally designed for […]