The Macfab Experience – Solving Manufacturing Challenges

As a senior level purchasing manager the selection of the right precision CNC machine shop for your requirements can mean the difference between a high stress job and a high stress job with long sleepless nights.

Across industries such as medical, security and defense, supply chains became brittle during the pandemic. Many purchasing managers witnessed a breakdown in supply chain interdependencies as a global pandemic swept across the globe. The pandemic wreaked havoc and caused a domino impact on each of the links in the manufacturing chain, causing delivery delays, increasing costs and uncertainty. Being a purchasing manager can be an extremely stressful job these days.

We watched a major global disruption break down the existing channels of goods and information. We have experienced the return of clients after experiencing these challenges with other vendors. This pandemic has left no industry untouched! We have helped our customers avoid shortages, meet delivery commitment timelines, and manage their production budgets during the uncertainties of the pandemic.  We continue to help them avoid the troublesome spikes in materials costs, including those that are coming in the near future.

Our team understands the complexities that our customers must navigate.  The Macfab Experience for our clients is the peace of mind that comes with a partner that delivers powerful turnkey solutions in high precision end to end CNC manufacturing applications.

We handle complicated components to support a range of industries, including complex medical, security, defense and aerospace programs globally.  The Macfab Experience enables our customers to protect and strengthen their competitive edge in an increasingly complex global business environment.

As a leader in precision CNC machining services for over 35 years, what are the essential components that set us apart from our competition?


Our manufacturing engineers develop parts to meet your design specs at a competitive price to deliver both quality and reliability. From design prototyping to final production, we specialize in sophisticated jobs requiring tight tolerances and complex geometries.

Our CMM equipment allows the measurement of surfaces that would otherwise be unreachable. Traditional CMM technology uses touch probes and is combined today with other measurement technology including laser, video or white light sensors to provide multi-sensor measurement. Our investment in CMM equipment delivers the precision and accuracy required by our customers.

Our full-service quality control lab can measure your valuable parts. And, we are one of the rare machine shops with a cleanroom. Our components can go directly from our shop floor to our customer’s assembly line saving time and money as a result.

With multiple Swiss turn-style machines on premise, we can take on high volume precision machining jobs.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company, also possessing experience in ICPMS, ICP and IMS standards required in trace detection.

Our customers are global leaders in solving life-threatening health, security and defense challenges. The Macfab Value Proposition is built around offering high precision CNC machining and a range of ancillary services. We  can deliver fully finished parts that are used in demanding areas such as virus detection, environmental studies, detection of explosives and narcotics, and other mission critical tasks with absolutely no room for error.


When a plant shutdown occurs due to the late delivery of parts, an unreliable supplier, or poor product quality, purchasing managers look for accountability. Daily we read news about plant shutdowns across China, including reverberations from the early days of the pandemic. These steep unexpected hikes in costs are huge risks for purchasing managers when they are pressured to make such important decisions based on low price. Low price today is a reflection of incomplete costing and guarantees much higher unplanned costs down the road. What is the cost of a lost reputation?

The lesson we are learning in this global marketplace is that higher-cost parts upfront translate into higher measurable quality, greater value and lower overall project costs. We mitigate the downstream risk in the manufacturing process to protect your reputation, your market share and your bottom-line financial performance.

Macfab has built its reputation on quality not only in the highest precision machining services but in offering complete manufacturing solutions for our clients.


We are one of the largest machine shops in North America, boasting over 50 CNC machines and over $3 million invested in new machines and technology.

We align value and quality with a 360 degree approach to high precision CNC machining including assembly, cleanroom assembly, micro assembly, mirror polishing, brazing, plating, lapping, leak testing and off-gas testing. In addition to inventory management, we offer a comprehensive and integrated inspection and reporting system.

We are a full end to end manufacturing solutions provider, delivering parts that are cleaned, tested and packaged ready to go directly to your assembly line.  Alongside our technical insight, we also provide a whole suite of value-added services such as Kanban inventory management, managing manufacturing efficiency, and streamlining your supply chain.