Importance of Clean Room Services for the Medical Industries

Clean rooms in are nothing new, but their use in assembly is growing dramatically now.  This is especially true in CNC machining for the Medical industry.  More than ever, medicine today relies on devices -both implanted and external- which are amazingly sensitive and complex.  Clean room assembly is required for many of these.  Even more or less standard devices like lasers and masers have to be built in clean room environments if they’re destined for use in medical applications.

The Pitfalls

Establishing and maintaining a clean room requires painstaking attention to detail.  A single person failing to follow one protocol can shut down a clean room for days.  Clean room assembly calls for special arrangements to bring components in and out.  Filters must be replaced on regular schedules and the air monitored and logged constantly to ensure the proper particulate levels are not breached.

Clean room assembly calls for individual components to be suitably prepped, finished and packaged to enter the space.  Each new shipment is another opportunity for problems.  Each discrete component is another opportunity for a supply chain disruption and another inventory item to maintain.

Sunk Costs

Your job is developing and improving life-saving equipment and devices and getting them out to patients.  Time and money you spend worrying about clean room supply, support, and maintenance is nothing but sunk costs to your business.  Still, those considerations are necessary.

Contract clean room assembly is the only solution that makes sense when one little mistake can cost so much.  MacFab has the procedures, monitoring equipment, and installations to virtually eliminate those situations.  It’s what we do for a living; of course we’re going to be better at it than a company that doesn’t focus on this all day, every day.

The Solution

When MacFab takes on your medical clean room assembly needs, components can be manufactured onsite.  They can be finished onsite -whether that means water or solvent cleaning, vapor degreasing, electro-polishing, or passivation.   They can then go into your assemblies without delay.  Our medical clean room facilities are designed to exceed ISO standard 14644-1 class 7 standards.   Our safeguards and procedures simplify your regulation compliance in every way possible.

The Benefits

You get faster service because the components we produce don’t have to be packaged and shipped before being assembled into your base parts or finished product.  The pieces we produce can go immediately from production to assembly.  The savings in both time and cost can be tremendous.

We minimize your supply chain disruptions.  We have excellent supplier networks and can warehouse assembly components.  We can turn those 20 or 30 individual inventory SKUs into the assembly or part you actually need to stock.  You avoid some out-of-stock piece making your entire product unavailable, and your logistics only have to track one SKU that arrives pre-finished and pre-packaged exactly as your line requires.

Macfab’s medical clean room assembly and manufacturing offerings are tailored to allow you to do what you do best -improve and save lives- while minimizing the headaches that can surround these highly critical facilities.  Boost your profitability and maximize efficiency by turning over your cleanroom requirements to a company that focuses on exactly that.

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