It makes great economic sense to our customers to have Macfab deliver components that match their standards and specifications and require no additional cleaning or finishing on their part.

Speciality finishing 

  • Laser engraving
  • Citric acid passivation to ASTM-A-967-13
  • Micro electro-polishing
  • Magnetic deburring

Cleaning: to ISO Standard 14644-1, Class 7 or better

  • Precision cleaning lab
  • 2 HEPA filtered clean rooms
  • Vapour degreasing
  • Water purification using R.O., ultra-filtration, de-ionization, UV sterilization
  • High-purity aqueous & non-aqueous cleaning solutions (HPLC grade)
  • All waste solvents purified and recycled

Based on the growing trend of customers having their non-core services outsourced to trusted suppliers and partners, we responded by significantly investing in Macfab’s specialized finishing and cleaning capabilities.

It’s a classic win-win solution: Our customers can further enhance the productivity of their internal resources. And Macfab is able to provide a full array of services as a direct, logical, and cost-efficient extension of our machining and manufacturing operations.