From one-offs to high-volume runs, your production solutions start right here.

Mass spectrometry | Gas chromatography | Mass cytometry | Airport screening & security | Aircraft flight control devices/avionics | Medical diagnostic devices | Cardiovascular devices | Satellite control devices | Space science instruments | Power generation and distribution equipment | Wildlife tracking & monitoring | Valves & instruments for geophysical & mining equipment

“Most machine shops have one or two very strong skilled machinists and 20 or 30 machine operators. We’re a reverse model of that: our machinists' skill level is very top-heavy.”

– Chris Macmorine, president

With a production range that runs from single components into the thousands, Macfab produces custom components for numerous specialized science, high technology and industrial product applications. The typical volume-oriented manufacturer is not geared to handling small- to mid-size production runs. On the other hand, smaller machine shops lack the resources to accommodate increasing demands. This is the gap that Macfab fills.

Development: The ability to work with the most complex shapes and geometries – your mission critical projects – is what sets Macfab apart.

Precision: Working to tolerances of 0.0001” (0.0025mm)

Machinability: We work with virtually all metals and advanced engineered plastics.

Range: Get milling and turning from micro-machining up to 30 lbs. (15Kg)

Turnaround: Tight schedules are the rule, not the exception; we always maintain a large inventory of materials


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