NewSpace Expo Europe
NewSpace Expo Europe

NEWS RELEASE: November 6, 2019: Macfab Manufacturing, an international supplier of precision components and sub-assemblies, is a sponsor of NewSpace Europe, held November 13-14 in Luxembourg.

Building on this year's theme, "Driving Momentum," the event's sessions will address ways to stimulate growth in  the NewSpace economy, ranging from advances in satellite technology to the building of a lunar economy. Attendees include private and public sector executives, investors, startups, and a range of technical professionals. NewSpace Europe is organized by the Luxembourg Space Agency.

Representing Macfab is Joe Magyar, Macfab’s business development director.“We’re a proud sponsor of NewSpace Europe and also an enthusiastic participant at this year's event,” says Magyar. “Our exhibit will showcase a number of components we've developed for space customers, including ADCS instruments, sensors, propulsion, and communications and electronics. I'm especially excited about this event's networking opportunities, to share and exchange ideas and insights in this fast-growing NewSpace sector."

Building on over a dozen years of experience in the space sector, Macfab today is focused significantly on developing new business relationships in the space and satellite industry. In 2019, the company has participated in space industry conferences and events throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

Separation ring
Honeycomb panel- Macfab
Reaction wheel rotor - Macfab

Macfab produces a range of components and sub-assemblies for space and satellite customers worldwide. Shown here: left: satellite separation ring; center: close-up of honeycomb composite panel; right: stainless steel reaction wheel rotor

About Macfab Manufacturing

Macfab is a contract manufacturer of components and sub-assemblies used in four major industry sectors: space & satellites, analytical instruments, optics & photonics, and defence & security. Macfab supports early-stage product development as well as production volumes, and offers a complete suite of precision machining, finishing, cleaning and assembly solutions. Founded in 1987 in Toronto, Canada, the company today works with science- and technology-based businesses across North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Singapore and Australia. For more information, write to or visit: