NEWS RELEASE: November 1, 2019: Macfab Manufacturing, an international supplier of precision components and sub-assemblies, is a sponsor of the Best Defence Conference, held November 5-6, in London, Ontario.

Best Defence Conference 2019

"We are a smaller event, but punch far above our weight. While most of our 400 attendees are from Canada, we are also drawing increased international traffic from places such as the U.S., the U.K. and Israel. The technology showcase, which we added three years ago, continues to grow.”

– Heather Pilot, Pilot Hill Productions

Heather Pilot

Reflecting Canada's growing defence sector 

The Best Defence Conference is one of Canada’s must-attend defence and security events, bringing together Canadian and international companies to address Canadian defence procurement and supply chain opportunities. In a recent article, conference organizer Heather Pilot linked the event's success to the growth of Canada's defence sector in general.  “While most of our 400 attendees are from Canada, we are also drawing increased international traffic from places such as the U.S., the U.K. and Israel.”

Ontario’s defence sector has over 300 direct suppliers and over 500 tier 2 suppliers generating over $5 billion per year in sales.

Making space for space – and satellites

"In recent years we've seen huge growth in the space and satellite sector," says Macfab's business development director, Joe Magyar. "This is a major opportunity not only for Macfab but also for Canada's defence and security sector. At this year's Best Defence conference, we’ll be demonstrating some of the work we've done, and sharing our experiences, in this exciting new market."

Macfab has focused significantly on developing new business relationships in the space and satellite sector. In 2019, the company has participated in space industry conferences and events throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

Macfab produces a range of components and sub-assemblies for defence and security customers worldwide.  Shown here: Left: Control system housing, aluminium with selective red anodization. Right: Heat sink, approximately 5 ½” X 8”, machined from magnesium alloy.

About Macfab Manufacturing

Macfab is a contract manufacturer of components and sub-assemblies used in four major industry sectors: space & satellites, analytical instruments, optics & photonics, and defence & security. Macfab supports early-stage product development as well as production volumes, and offers a complete suite of precision machining, finishing, cleaning and assembly solutions. Founded in 1987 in Toronto, Canada, the company today works with science- and technology-based businesses across North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Singapore and Australia. For more information, write to or visit: