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"In our own way, Macfab is helping our customers "keep the lights on" for their own customers. Our components are used by utility operators in Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia in an array of testing, inspection and analytical applications." 

– Chris Macmorine, president

Our customers operate some of the world’s largest electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems. Macfab has 30+ years experience working with hydroelectric and nuclear utility operators and their third-party OEM suppliers. We are proud of the small yet important role that our products and services provide in supporting their systems' operational safety, performance and reliability.

Most of the components we manufacture are used in Life Cycle Management applications – testing, e.g., for structural integrity, safety, contamination, waste management; and inspection, e.g., pipes, pressure tubes, bushings, flange components, and more. Before they leave our facility, each of the components we make needs to be cleaned and inspected to the highest industry standards. Other major customer priorities include the following:


Documentation & record-keeping

Tight tolerances – to the micron level