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Optics, from the Inside Looking Out: Ross Optical president Divi Mangadu discusses the challenges and opportunities in today’s optical components business. Read the feature

Prototyping and the pursuit of perfection: An interview with Vishay Precision Group’s Lesya Blagova You don’t need to be a perfectionist – or do you? Here’s a bird’s-eye view of prototyping made “easy.” Read the interview

High-precision Prototyping: A Customer Success Story   KELK’s Mark Dresser describes Macfab’s role in high-precision prototyping for its non-contacting measurement instruments. View story

Conquering the challenges of space flight, one system, one micro-assembly, at a time: Macfab’s 10-plus years history with UTIAS   High precision components, mission-critical assembly and quality management systems – and as a matter of fact, this actually IS rocket science… Based on an interview with Charles Day, Macfab’s manager of research and development, this article describes the evolution of Macfab’s work with the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies. View this story

Outsourcing for High-Precision Prototyping & Manufacturing: Case Study   In the highly specialized world of laboratory hardware design and manufacturing, great products often consist of numerous components, many of which are equally challenging to produce. In this case study, read about the challenges facing Analytical Flow Products (AFP) – cost being one of them but far from the only one – and the results Macfab delivered. View this story


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Hybrid rocket engine wins 2018 Capstone Grand Prize   Macfab is a platinum sponsor of the 2018 Capstone Design Symposium at University of Waterloo Mechanical Engineering Department. View our feature on the winning project.

Up, Up, and… Away? Lower costs, greater opportunities ahead, but not for everyone – the long-range view from Vector Launch Systems. View Story 

What does Quality Look Like – 1,000 kilometers from Earth?  Two veterans of Canada’s space industry discuss their definition of quality, its impact on their business, and Macfab’s role in helping them achieve and sustain their standards. View story

Macfab Reaches for the Stars   Our key take-aways from the 33rd annual Space Symposium View story

Innovation Rules at Capstone Design Symposium   The University of Waterloo Engineering department’s flagship design competition is a win-win-win – for students, faculty and businesses alike. See the highlights

Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions for Manufacturers   No company is immune to the increasingly sophisticated threats to cybersecurity. Yet according to cybersecurity expert Brigadier General (retired) John Turnbull, as much as 80% of your vulnerability can be eliminated by following some very basic rules. View story

Macfab Pursues New Space Industry Markets   As the satellites get smaller, the opportunities get bigger.Canadian companies (including Macfab) already have a strong reputation in this sector – and a strong trade group to help drive growth, View story

Precision component R&D   How does a small company like Macfab innovate and compete globally in its precision instrument component markets? In this feature, Ernst & Young’s Manjit Kochhar and Macfab’s R&D manager Charles Day describe one of the key ingredients in Macfab’s secret sauce: the Canadian government’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive program. View story

Canada's ITB Policy is a Win-Win Proposition for Global Contractors and Local Suppliers Alike  Canada’s new defence procurement strategy introduces significant new changes – and benefits – for the bidding criteria and requirements that will affect upcoming procurement contracts. View story

Norway's ONS 2016 Conference Mirrors Upbeat Mood of "An Industry in Transition"   Focusing on key take-aways that apply to any industry, this feature offers highlights from industry and government leaders at one of the world’s largest oil & gas conferences.  View story