Production Machining

Delivering On-Demand CNC Production Machining

Macfab’s highly advanced numeric control machine shop delivers multiaxis CNC Milling, Turning, Drilling Production Machining services. We are fully equipped to handle medium and high-volume production regardless of parts complexity.

Whether you are looking for tapper, straight, contour, or form turning operations, our shops can deliver to your requirements. From vertical and horizontal milling to threading and tapping operations, our CNC machining services cover a full range of various metals and plastic components.

Our modern machining equipment includes cleanroom technology to meet strict industry regulations.

Macfab’s Offerings For Production Machining

Macfab offers large volume manufacturing or prototypes production in variety of raw materials, both metals and plastics. We utilize your original 3D CAD models as inputs when preparing NC programs for production.

Our machines include 2,3 axis lathes, 3, 4, 5 axis mils, and up to 9 axis Swiss turn-style lathes. We maintain a network of subcontract vendors for special processes (heat treatment, any type of plating, anodizing painting, welding including laser). This allows us to provide finished components and offering ‘one stop’ order processing.

Material Capabilities

We have extensive experience in machining common metal (Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Steels), high temperature alloys (Inconels), stainless steels (austenitic, ferritic, precipitation hardenable, duplex), Titanium as well as all commercially available plastics.

We can work any form or shape of raw material from barstock, tubing and sheet thru castings and forgings.

Through specialty tooling, we ensure meeting standards needed for medical, aerospace, environment, and security, and defense industries.

CNC Manufacturing Stages

Develop CAD Models
CNC machines are designed to operate on a 3D virtual geometry. The tool path is programmed to follow the surface of virtual models created in CAD software. Tool paths are created using CAD/CAM applications.
Generating Neutral CAD Files
Once the 3D CAD model design is approved, it is released to the shop floor for CNC machining. They convert these CAD files usually in .dwg formats into IGES or STEP files to create NC and G codes for the machines.
Machine Tool Setup
To run the machine safely, it needs proper configuration. For example, the cutting tool, spindle speed, collets must be adjusted as per the physical properties of the workpiece. It also needs adjustment on the type of operation such as face mill, end mill, types of threads.
Machining Operation
NC codes that are generated earlier using neutral CAD file formats, the actual machining process beings. All machine controls, actions, tool motions, and paths. are guided by the codes written and fed to the computer.

Macfab’s Equipment And Machine Tool Capabilities

High Production Chucker Lathes
  • Workpiece dimensions:
  • Max Turing diameter: 5’’ to 14’’
  • Max Length: 8’’ to 26’’
Precision Gang Tool Lathe
  • Workpiece dimensions:
  • Max Turing diameter: 6’’
  • Max Length: 11’’
4 Axis Dual Spindle Lathe
  • Workpiece dimensions:
  • Max Turing diameter: 10’’
  • Max Length: 20.9’’
7 Axis Swiss Lathe
  • Workpiece dimensions:
  • Max Turing diameter: 0.47’’ to 1’’
  • Max Length: 5.3’’ to 8’’
3, 4, And 5 Axis CNC Milling Machines With Increased Axis Travel Lengths And VMC Capabilities
  • Axis travel capabilities:
  • X: 12.8’’ to 50’’
  • Y: 15’’ to 32’’
  • Z: 18.1’’ to 30’’
Miscellaneous Machines
Surface Grinder, Sandblaster, Polishing Lathe, Lapping System, Grinder, Punch Press, And Honing Machine

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