CNC Milling Services With End-To-End Manufacturing Capabilities

The quality and finish of the end product is highly dependent on the cutting tool and machining method used. Additionally, with computerized controls of machines, tool paths depend upon the programming accuracy. Slight deviations in the cutting tool’s motion could result in waste of material and eventually rejection.

Macfab’s CNC Milling shops are capable of milling highly accurate parts and components with tight tolerances. From face mills and end mills to mill threads, our CNC milling services machine various metals and plastics. We create NC codes from your CAD files and 3D models for CNC milling of parts for custom designs.

Save time, avoiding rework and realize a shorter production lead time with us. We strictly adhere to Design for Manufacturability and Assembly [DFMA] guidelines to minimize change orders and RFIs.

CNC Milling For Custom & Mass Manufacturing Solutions

Our CNC Milling centers use subtractive manufacturing methods to remove material from a solid blank of metal or plastic to create specific geometries. A rotating mill cutter cuts the metal from the workpiece to generate parts as per your design inputs. You can also combine the milling process with other manufacturing operations like Micromachining, CNC Turning, 3D Printing and additive manufacturing, etc.

At Macfab, we create complex geometries using our HAAS CNC Milling Machines and manual machines with 5, 4, and 3 Axis Rotating Spindles. We use CAD/CAM applications to create an optimized tool path and deliver the desired design.

Understanding Of Spindle Movements For A Typical Milling Machine

3 Axis Vertical Milling Machine [VMC]
  • Movement of the spindle along X, Y, and Z-axis in 3D space
4 Axis Milling Center
  • Same as 3 Axis Milling center with an additional vertical movement for complex parts
5 Axis Milling Center
  • 3 Axis spindle movement alongside rotatable spindle and worktable. It has 5 degrees of freedom for movement

A Glance At Macfab’s CNC Milling Capabilities

We take a cost-effective and least waste machining approach for all your projects. Our milling machine shop offers services for different solid material and mold parts of material including

  1. Aluminum
  2. Steels and alloys
  3. Brass
  4. Copper
  5. Magnesium
  6. Titanium
  7. Wood
  8. Marble
  9. Medically used material

Apart from these metals, some steels that have been hardened through heat treatments can also be milled but is time consuming. On the other hand, very soft materials like elastomers have limitations as they cannot be held by the chucks without damage. But CNC Milling of plastics is an economic operation to help you communicate design and review changes on the go.

Applications Of CNC Machining Services

From small particle of biomedical research engineering to large scale space engineering, several industries have found potential in CNC machining. The CAD/CAM applications with CNC machines are versatile and offer cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Healthcare Research Equipment

Medical research equipment need accurate part performance of the instruments. Thus, there is an acute demand for high precision in Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances [GD&Ts]. And CNC Machines can deliver tight tolerances.

Aerospace Engineering

Small manufacturing errors in aerospace industry can lead to big loss of money. Landing gears, satellite communication parts, engine mountings and accessories, etc. are examples of manufactured products using CNC Precision Machines.

Security And Defense Industry

The defense sector of many nations has relied on CNC Machining Solutions. One of the reasons is that it offers good functional testing of prototypes that are supposed to withstand heavy wear and tear.

CNC Milling Shop Capabilities

At Macfab, our CNC Milling centers have capabilities of CT 40 and spindle speeds varying from 8100 RPM to 15000 RPM.

  • Well-structured milling approach post detailed analysis of the workpiece & design
  • Delivering parts for mass production to cut project overheads
  • Milling of irregular shapes and complex generative designs
  • Get the desired surface finish such as anodized, chromed, painted, etc.
  • Quick turnaround time of few minutes and seconds for simpler geometry

Advantages of CNC Milling Services

The biggest advantage of using multi-axis milling centers is that they provide accuracy and replication of machining operations. This enables the different operations faster. As the tool paths are guided by preapproved digital designs, manufacturing lead time is also accelerated.

When you collaborate with a CNC machine shop near you, you don’t have to worry about minimum order. The reason being, there are rarely any specialty tools needed for CNC Milling, and costs remain well under control.

There are several advantages of milling centers from precision manufacturing to save time and cost-effectiveness for both, one-off parts, and mass production. You get a plethora of benefits such as

  • Use of latest CAD/CAM APIs to accurately translate designs to the shop floor
  • Quick and easy replication of machining operations with precision
  • Meet industry-accepted, international quality standards
  • Cleanroom machining operations with CNC precision cuts
  • A huge variety of raw materials can be handled by CNC milling columns
  • Enable low volume manufacturing with controlled price per part
  • Ensure meeting desired part finish and surface finish


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