Precision CNC Micro Machining for Small Parts

Macfab’s high-tech CNC Micro Machining facility employs advanced tooling capabilities, ensuring precision in even the smallest parts produced. Devices are shrinking in today’s technologically advanced industries. The shrinking sizes of devices means even smaller parts and components are able to be produced with better precision and accuracy.

Using today’s advanced machining toolsets with Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances [GD&Ts] are capable of producing precision parts that are not visible to the naked eye. Our machinists use micro blasters, micro drill press, and mini polishing lathe to deliver leading edge efficiency, finish, and form.

The field of research in the medical industry requires fiber optics, spectroscopy, or satellite communication. The microchips in these devices need complex components and accurate micro parts. As the demand for such equipment grows, the demand for Micro Machining services is set to grow too. Macfab is here to serve you as a reliable partner and industry leading CNC Micro Machining service provider.

What is CNC Micro Machining?

Micromachining is a machining technique employed to produce parts smaller than 0.015” in diameter. It requires specialized abrasive tools with 1/3rd size of the thickness of a human hair to achieve desired dimensions and surface finishes.

A heavy upsurge in demand for Micro Machining was seen in the late 1990s with advancements in semiconductors. As a result, today, it is used extensively in the medical, communication, and electronic manufacturing industries.

Micro Machining – The Macfab Advantage

With Macfab’s best-in-class Micro Machining CNC shop, you get manufacturing solutions for all your design ideas. Our micro drill press and micro blasters offer you high-tolerance values of final manufactured parts for all materials available in the market. We help you achieve a surface finish from 0.1 µm to mirror finish and tolerances of 10 µm range.

Our machine shop offers primary and secondary quality Micro Machining solutions with faster turnaround times. Our stringent quality checks ensure meeting ISO quality standards to stay compliant with all our customers’ industry practices.

CNC Micro Machining Capabilities

As an industry expert in CNC Machining skills and maintaining industry best practices, we offer a full range of Micro Machining techniques.

Precision Micro Machining needs

  • High-Level Machining & CNC Coding Expertise
  • High Speed Spindles Of About A Few Thousand Rpms
  • Swiss-Type Lathe For Producing Small Batches And Clean Cuts
  • Understanding Material Technology
  • Thorough Knowledge Of Manufacturing Process Dynamics

Micromachining remains one of the most lucrative processes for part designers and resellers. It is so flexible that you can have 100% customization of the process as per your requirement.

Popular Methods For CNC Micro Machining

Laser Micro Machining

The medical or biomedical research equipment manufacturing sectors leverage this technique. Laser micro machining involves the removal of metal from the blank by evaporation at high temperatures generated by UV or infrared beams. As the local metal surface is heated, elemental bonds are broken, and the molecules start evaporating.

Electrical Discharge Machining [EDM]

Operations such as hole drilling, milling, and turning at micro levels can be performed accurately with electrical plasma discharge. The process involves impacting a small area of the workpiece with a concentrated beam of plasma from electrodes. The heat is enough to vaporize the material and remove it from the blank to produce the desired shape. There are different types of EDM machines available such as wire EDM, fine wire EDM, and sinker EDM that are used in the process.

Use Of Traditional CNC Machines

Some CNC Swiss turn-style lathe machines and 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC mill centers possess micromachining capabilities. These machine tools with a specialty setup can attain high spindle speed for turning, drilling, or punching holes, and milling.

Benefits of Micro Machining

Micro Machining enables the production of parts over a range of sizes and tolerances. Additionally, there are numerous other benefits of Micro Machining.

Single Process Machining
This means that all smaller parts can be milled and turned on the same machine. It saves time taken to set up the tool and cost for separate equipment.
Opportunities To Make More Bids
You can take up more contracts as micro manufacturing has faster TATs as compared to traditional machining. Also, with customized processes producing diverse parts with accuracy empower you to bid in different verticals.
Variety Of Material
With contactless machining technology, the restriction on the material choice is relaxed. You can fabricate metals, alloys, glass, plastics, ceramics, and many more by adjusting the speed of machining.
Part Consistency
Micro machined parts offer repetitive scale and reliable consistency. With consistency, manufacturing cycles get accelerated and interchangeability also increases.

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