Coordinate Measuring Machine Overview

A Coordinate Measuring Machine or CMM enables high precision and accurate measurement for parts of varying dimensions. The CMM is built of a structure that moves in three dimensions, with a sensory probe, a computer control, and a recording system.

This allows the CMM to record every point of the object along the x, y, and z-axis. CMM machines come in all shapes and sizes. This is helpful not only to take measurements but also to position accurately in other precision machines. These measurements can then be used to verify initial design plans or specifications to ensure that the finished product is identical to the original design.

CMMs are most commonly constructed using granite for tables to ensure dimensional stability. The smallest CMM are portable, whereas the largest are usually built on top of a concrete foundation.

At Macfab, we deal with components of small to medium sizes when verifying using CMMs. Your project is in safe hands with our advanced CMM capabilities.

Inspect and Verify with Ease

Whether it is highly complex parts or very small samples, our Coordinate Measuring Machines are equipped with the latest technology to manage a wide range of product verification and certification scenarios.

CMM inspection requires high precision machines and highly skilled labour. Both of which are best in class at Macfab. With our state-of-the-art and automated Coordinate Measuring Machines, you can measure across the x, y, and z-axis to build a three-dimensional point cloud that can be compared to a computer-aided design.

Whether it be a single point in a 3D shape or the whole shape, our CMM inspection services guarantee high levels of accuracy while accounting for environmental differences such as temperature and humidity. This ensures a stable testing and manufacturing condition for your production needs.

Accurately measuring dimensions and tolerances for complex parts is not only essential but can even be lifesaving in industries such as defense, healthcare, and aerospace. That’s why our Coordinate Measuring Machines gather a wide range of precise measurements for even the most complicated geometry.

Our automated Coordinate Measuring Machines offer high accuracy, speed and versatility. You can measure the accuracy of a part down to 0.0001 of an inch. The measurement accuracy is not dependent on an operator, and the measurements can be fully automated and programmed as well.

We provide a full-suite of CMM inspection services for small to medium-sized parts with 700 x 1000 x 600 mm travel. We complement this with our world-class precision engineering services, making Macfab a one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs.

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Looking for the most effective and efficient Coordinate Measuring Machines to verify and certify your products? Look no further than Macfab. Our professional team of engineers and state-of-the-art CMM equipment can give you quick results for projects that meet your timeline and budget.

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