Specialty finishing & cleaning for all your component and assembly needs.

It makes great economic sense to our customers to have Macfab deliver components that match their standards and specifications and require no additional cleaning or finishing on their part.

Speciality finishing 

  • Laser engraving
  • Citric acid passivation to ASTM-A-967-13
  • Micro electro-polishing
  • Magnetic deburring

Cleaning: to ISO Standard 14644-1, Class 7 or better

  • Precision cleaning lab
  • 2 HEPA filtered clean rooms
  • Vapor degreasing
  • Water purification using R.O., ultra-filtration, de-ionization, UV sterilization
  • High-purity aqueous & non-aqueous cleaning solutions (HPLC grade)
  • All waste solvents purified and recycled

Based on the growing trend of customers having their non-core services outsourced to trusted suppliers and partners, we responded by significantly investing in Macfab’s specialized finishing and cleaning capabilities.

It’s a classic win-win solution: Our customers can further enhance the productivity of their internal resources. And Macfab is able to provide a full array of services as a direct, logical, and cost-efficient extension of our machining and manufacturing operations.