It's amazing what can happen in the hands of a prototyping expert.

“Most machine shops have one or two very strong skilled machinists and 20 or 30 machine operators. We’re a reverse model of that: our skill level is very top-heavy.” – Chris Macmorine, president

Prototyping capabilities & deliverables

  • Development: The ability to work with the most complex shapes and geometries – your “mission impossible” projects – is what sets Macfab apart.
  • Precision: Working to tolerances of 0.0001” (0.0025mm)
  • Machinability: We work with virtually all metals, ceramics and engineered plastics.
  • Range: Get milling and turning from micro-machining up to 30 lbs. (15Kg)
  • Turnaround: Tight schedules are the rule, not the exception; we always keep a large inventory of materials on hand.

Although we serve a broad and diverse range of industries, most of our customers have one thing in common: Starting with a given product’s end-use requirement and the design solution that their engineers envision, they want us to do whatever it takes to help them turn that concept into a fully functioning prototype.

That ability – bridging the gap between what’s in the plan and what the manufacturer needs to do to make it happen – is one of the hallmarks of our prototyping team’s capabilities. Rising to the customer’s challenge is what inspires our best work. And that’s been true since Macfab’s inception over three decades ago.

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