NEWS RELEASE: April 30, 2019: Macfab Manufacturing, an international supplier of critical components and sub-assemblies, will present the company’s services and capabilities at its exhibit at the 12th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation, May 6-10, in Berlin, Germany.

In addition to its academic and government participants, the IAA symposium today also attracts a growing list of private sector organizations representing the full range of contemporary satellite technologies and earth observation missions and applications.  “Innovative technology and product development have played a major role in accelerating the growth of space-based earth observation, for commercial as well as scientific applications,” says Joe Magyar, Macfab’s business development director. “We are proud of our work in the small satellite field and we’re very excited to bring our story for the first time to the IAA symposium.”

About the International Academy of Astronautics

Founded in Sweden in 1960, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) has over 1,00 active members in 83 countries. The academy was originally founded to “foster the development of astronautics for peaceful purposes” and to “promote international cooperation in the advancement of aerospace science.” The IAA cooperates with other academies throughout the world. Its own activities include the symposia and meetings, and the regular publication of its journal, ACTA ASTRONAUTICA, along with an extensive library of scientific and technical books and papers.

 Macfab’s satellite experience and capabilities

Macfab has a long and impressive history in the space sector, notably through its work with the University of Toronto’s renowned Institute for Aerospace Studies and its Space Flight Laboratory, a global leader in microsatellites and nanosatellites. The company has supported development and production work in ADCS instruments, structures, communication & electronics, propulsion, and separation systems. Macfab has specialized expertise in many other areas, including trace analysis and detection, and optics and photonics.

 About Macfab

Macfab is a contract manufacturer of components and sub-assemblies used in four major industry sectors: space & satellites, analytical instruments, optics & photonics, and defence & security.

Macfab supports early-stage product development as well as production volumes, and offers a complete suite of precision machining, finishing, cleaning and assembly solutions. Founded in 1987 in Toronto, Canada, the company today works with science- and technology-based businesses across North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Singapore and Australia. For more information, write to or visit:

For more information, write to or visit: