Macfab showcases specialized machining capabilities at Laser World of Photonics 2017

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NEWS RELEASE: June 1, 2017: Macfab Manufacturing, an international supplier of precision components and sub-assemblies, will attend Laser World of Photonics 2017, the world’s leading trade fair in the photonics industry, to be held June 26-29 in Munchen, Germany. Macfab will host an exhibit at the Canada Pavilion as part of a trade mission organized by the Ontario government’s Export Services Branch. Attendees are invited to visit the Canada Pavilion at Hall B1, Stand 527

Attendees and exhibitors at Laser World cover the full spectrum of laser and photonics designers and manufacturers, in markets including optics, electrical engineering, tool and machine manufacturing, and precision mechanics. The previous Laser World event, in 2015, attracted over 31,000 visitors from 72 countries, including more than 1,200 exhibitors.


Macfab QA lab


Laser World 2017 logo

The Laser World event is known officially as the 23rd International Trade Fair and Congress for Optical Technologies— Components, Systems and Applications. The trade show, with its numerous lectures, presentations and plenary sessions, attracts over 31,000 visitors, including over 1,200 exhibitors.

Niche machining specialists welcome

Several of Macfab’s customers are attending Laser World in Munchen. Additionally, says business development director Joe Magyar, many attendees are on the company’s list of prospects: “Of the components we supply to our laser/photonics customers, many are made from two exotic materials – titanium alloys, and Kovar, a nickel-cobalt ferrous alloy often used in glass sealing applications.

“Our message at this trade show is that if you have a requirement defined by these special materials, we can help you with that. We welcome the challenge of working with the tougher materials.”

Kovar - IPS diode

A laser diode, manufactured by US-based Innovative Photonic Solutions is contained within a sheath of Kovar that was machined by Macfab both inside and outside over a length of 0.450 inches with a wall thickness of 0.006 inches.

Titanium component - Macfab

A titanium fibre optic receptacle with a 0.79 mm diameter through hole; the height dimension is held to a tolerance of +/- 0.003 mm.

Titanium component - Macfab

A titanium end cap for a laser pump cavity – delivered burr-free, laser-engraved, cleaned, ready for assembly.

Bringing Canada’s best and brightest into the limelight: a profile of Ontario’s advanced manufacturing trade mission

As a highly specialized provider of prototyping and contract manufacturing solutions throughout the world, Macfab brings a wealth of experience and niche expertise that can be applied across a broad range of scientific, industrial and R&D applications. On the other hand, international business development is a long, time-consuming, and expensive process.

That’s where the federal government steps in, together with Ontario’s and Quebec’s provincial governments: By sharing their costs, resources and support services, small- and mid-size companies like Macfab are able to make the most of their market development budgets.

Just as important as the cost savings, smaller companies gain significant credibility and appeal through their association with Canada’s highly reputed manufacturing base. “It is certainly a plus to let the market know you are from Canada,” says Victor Miranda, Area Director, Europe (Advanced Manufacturing, Energy and ICT), Ontario’s Export Services Branch.

“By exhibiting with the Ontario government, smaller companies that might not be well know in a new market will get that validation, that they are a legitimate company and that they are capable of delivering.”

About Macfab Manufacturing

Macfab is a leading contract manufacturer of precision custom components and sub-assemblies for medical, life sciences, avionics and space instruments, and for equipment used in oil and gas, and defence and security industries.

Serving customers across North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, Macfab provides prototype and production volumes, and offers a complete suite of precision machining, finishing, cleaning and assembly solutions.

Macfab was founded in 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, and has grown from a small machine shop serving the local engineering community to become a full-fledged manufacturer serving international customers. For more information, write to or visit