Macfab completes relocation, expansion


NEWS RELEASE: December 3, 2015, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada — Macfab Manufacturing, a leading contract manufacturer of precision custom components and sub-assemblies, has announced the completion of its move to a new facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

As the central element of a major expansion of Macfab’s manufacturing and integrated services capabilities, the move effectively doubles its production floor space and increases throughput efficiency. Notably, Macfab’s clean room and laboratory facilities have increased four-fold. The company has added new staff and installed three new cleaning systems including a robotic solvent vapour degreaser, an aqueous ultrasonic precision cleaning unit, and a 600° C oven. As Macfab president Chris Macmorine explains, “With these new facilities and equipment, we can now handle larger components and sub-assemblies, provide more services, and work not only more efficiently but also more safely.”

Macfab compeltes relocation

Increased customer demand drives production expansion
While this move is the company’s largest and most extensive, Macfab has a long history of customer-driven growth. In 2015 alone, Macfab has seen significant growth, including the addition of new customers in Europe, the US and Canada. Similarly, the company’s new technology investments are also based typically on a specific customer’s evolving requirements. “We’re working more as partners with customers rather than just suppliers,” Chris Macmorine says. “It makes sense to our customers for us to do not only the production but also the cleaning, testing and assembly of the components. This approach has driven our shift towards offering an integrated services solution, and we see this trend becoming even more popular.”

About Macfab Manufacturing

Macfab is a leading contract manufacturer of precision custom components and sub-assemblies for medical, life sciences, avionics and space instruments, and for equipment used in oil and gas, and defence and security industries. Serving customers across North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, Macfab provides prototype and production volumes, and offers a complete suite of precision machining, finishing, cleaning and assembly solutions.

Macfab was founded in 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, and has grown from a small machine shop serving the local engineering community to become a full-fledged manufacturer serving international customers. For more information, write to or visit: